"Through the power of Christ, we are learning to live in simplicity, thankfulness, contentment and
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Monday, August 21, 2017

This week at Stevi UMC

7:00 pm, Living Clean 

8:00 am, WIC

10:00 am, Drop-in Bible Study, #13

9:00 am, Lectionary study
10:15 am, Praise singing                                                   
10:30 am, Worship
11:30 am, Fellowship time

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Faith, trust, and the total solar eclipse

Faith is the reality of what we hope for,
the proof of what we don’t see.
Hebrews 11:1 (CEB)

On Monday, August 21, 2017, “everyone in North America plus parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will see at least a partial solar eclipse” (NASA). For those nearest the path of the total solar eclipse, it will appear as though the sun is disappearing in the middle of the day.

Those who have experienced a total solar eclipse in the past, tell us the event can be confusing to animals and insects. Many of them will begin their evening routines as the skies grow dark and the air cools ever so slightly. Crickets may start chirping. Birds may find their nests and settle in as if for the night. Our dogs may circle and curl into those tight balls they lie in when they sleep.

Read more at this link.

Today @ SUMC

Keep calm and kazoo on!
Smiles all around!
Let's float!
George greets Sherry Paddie as Lisa N. looks on
We were truly blessed this morning to welcome our new children/youth pastor, Sherry Paddie and her daughter, Shay Lynn (an incoming freshman at UM). It was a treat to welcome them during our fellowship time with root beer floats!

We were blessed through the gift of music during the worship service as Belinda Alkula led the congregation in a kazoo rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In" for our summer music offering. Pastor Charles concluded the summer sermon series with "I don't read the cookbook anymore." Scripture lessons came from Psalm 19:7-11 and 2 Timothy 3:10-17.

Thanks this morning to
Bob Edgar (praise music), Mitch Edgar (acolyte), Julie Ludington (piano), Tom Bishop (video), Lois Hansen (liturgist), Cammie Edgar (power point), Carol Gragg (children's message) Belinda Alkula (summer music),  Sharon Brown and Carol Varien (ushers), Carol Gragg & Ruth Cleveland (offering counters), and Belinda Alkula and Lisa Menery (fellowship time).

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Soul

Where will you be when the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse occurs on August 21st?

Renowned astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson has dubbed this event “Muuurica’s Eclipse” because only those in the contiguous United States will have the privilege of viewing it. And within the U.S., only those in about 10 states will find themselves in the path of totality. When it comes to enjoying total solar eclipses, where you are matters most.

So where will you be?

Read more at this link.

Saturday UMW Circle

Belinda and Lisa tend to the prayer candle table
A momentary clear view of St. Mary's

Carolyn, Molly, and Ellyn are ready to help
The UMW Saturday Circle had a lively discussion this morning and each one was able to contribute something to our agenda going into the autumn.

+Recycling: collection continues at the parsonage. Items that can be dropped of include plastic (see appropriate container; cardboard (think cereal boxes); and tin cans (think soup cans).

+Pantry Partners September collection: Can soups and toothpaste. 

+Participation in BUMP Christmas shoebox drive, cookie plates, and apple dumplings was also discussed.

+9 September - Western Mountains District UMW fall meeting @ Intermountain in Helena.
+16 September - Saturday Circle meeting
+7 October - Yellowstone Conference UMW annual meeting @ Bozeman UMC
+21 October - Stevi UMC UMW fall bazaar

Friday, August 18, 2017

Moved in at last!

Sherry and daughter, Shay Lynn, have gotten moved into the Wesley House parsonage with the delivery of their possessions from Texas.

A thought for today

Shared this with the Drop-in Bible study this morning:

Great truths are dearly bought.
The common truth,
Such as men give and take from day to day,
Comes in the common walk of easy life,
Blown by the careless word across our way.

Bought in the market at current price,
Bred of the smile, the jest, perchance the bowl,
It tells us tales of daring or worth,
Nor pierces even the surface of a soul.

Great truths are greatly won, not found by chance,
Nor wafted on the breath of summer dream;
But grasped in the great struggle of the soul,
Hard buffeting with adverse wind and stream.

Not in the general mart, 'mid corn and wine,
Not in the merchandise of gold and gems,
Not in the world's gay hall of midnight mirth,
Not 'mid the blaze of regal diadems;

But in the day of conflict, fear, and grief,
When the strong hand of God, put forth its might.

Ploughs up the subsoil of the stagnant heart,
And brings the imprisoned truth-seed to the light.

Wrung from the troubled spirit in hard hours
of weakness, solitude, perchance of pain,
Truth springs, like harvest from the well-ploughed field,
And the soul feels it has not wept in vain.

Bonar, Horatius. Hymns of Faith and Hope. London: James Nesbit and Co., 1883. 1-2. Print.