"Through the power of Christ, we are learning to live in simplicity, thankfulness, contentment and
generosity in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana."


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

An October WOW evening!

Nine were present tonight for WOW! Good food, great conversation, and communion made for a rich evening together.

Pastor Charles shared a devotional from One Hundred Cranes: Praying with the Chorus of Creation"Praying with the Swan and the Albatross."

CONVO is coming to the Valley


Adult Convo is a day where “grown-ups” get to come and be taken through a day of spiritual development, rest, fun, and lots of food! The trick is, instead of adults being the “camp counselors” the entire weekend is planned, and led by the youth! We have sessions, small groups, games, songs-all run by young people. Come take a break from and experience God in a new way!

Come for some FUN!

RSVP to Corvallis United Methodist Church: 

Saturday, November 4th
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

UMCOR in action!

In the last 35 days, UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief has collected more than 44,000 cleaning kits! Together, they are worth over $2,000,000.

Thank you to everyone who worked so diligently to help UMCOR respond to the needs of hurricane survivors. With your support, UMCOR is able to be hope to those in need.

Photo courtesy of UMCOR Sager Brown Depot
#UMCOR #ReliefSupply #disasterrelief

Advent is coming!

Advent begins Sunday, December 3 and Pastor Charles is looking for people to write a one - three paragraph entry for the 2017 Advent Devotional.

The theme this year will be: Incarnation: Where I see God during the time of waiting.

Please contact the church office by November 15 to reserve your space for what again promises to be a unique and valuable devotional resource. 

Copies will be available  on the blog, on Facebook and via email.  Paper copies will be available the first Sunday of Advent, December 1st.

The Bazaar is Coming!

Church Family:

Yes, our church bazaar will be this coming Saturday, October 21, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. In preparation for it, we ask the following:

1. We need small plastic bags and small boxes for shoppers' use. Also, we need to borrow card tables for use in our lunchroom area in the fellowship hall (Please put your name underneath your card table, so we may return it to you).

2. We plan to begin setting up tables for it on Friday, October 20, starting at 10 a.m. Everyone is invited to stop by and help us!

3. Folks who are working at the bazaar on Saturday will enjoy a free lunch (Hey, that means you can spend more at the bazaar, right!?)!

4. Workers opening the bazaar -- Please report to the church fellowship hall at 8:30 a.m.

I am available to answer any questions, comments, etc.

In advance, I thank you for your love and support of this United Methodist Women's activity to raise money to accomplish mission work locally, nationally, and internationally!

Every blessing to you and yours,

Belinda Alkula

Monday, October 16, 2017

Scripture lesson for October 22

Piers Paul Rubens, The Tribute Money, c. 1612
The scripture lesson for October 22 comes from Matthew 22:15-22.

This week at Stevi UMC

3:30 pm, Girl Scouts
7:00 pm, Trustees
7:00 pm, Living Clean 

7:00 pm, Choir 

8:00 am, WIC
10:00 am, Invitation to Romans   
6:00 pm, Worship on Wednesday
8:00 am, Bitterroot Valley Education Co-op
6:00 pm, Cub Scouts
7:00 pm, Ad Council 

9:00 am, Set-up for UMW Bazaar 
10:00 am, Drop-in Bible Study, #8 

9:00 am, UMW Fall Bazaar 

9:00 am, Gospel Parallels study  
9:15 am, Children's church school
10:15 am, Praise singing
10:30 am, Worship
11:30 am, Fellowship time
11:45 am, Chimes