"Through the power of Christ, we are learning to live in simplicity, thankfulness, contentment and
generosity in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana."


Friday, June 30, 2017

VBS day 5 - It's a wrap!

VBS 2017 (a few are missing in this photo)
Laundry soap for Pantry Partners
Liz shares the Golden Rule
One last time through the lunch line!
"God loves you and so do I"

The wonderful that was VBS 2017 at Stevi UMC has drawn to a close! The children learned a lot about God and the ways to connect faith, hope, and love in action in their life and in their community.

Today's scripture lessons centered around the Golden Rule (Luke 6:27-28, Mark 12:30-31, & Acts 11:21).

The children applied the week's lessons by writing "God loves you and so do I" on slips of paper which were then inserted into balloons, filled with helium, and set aloft with our prayers.

The mission project this week involved filling bottles with laundry detergent for clients of the Stevensville Cloths Closet.

We ended the week on a tasty note as John Fisher was on hand to cook up some delicious burgers for lunch and the kitchen crew served up that classic summer treat, root beer floats!

Thanks again to Liz Goddard and all of our amazing volunteers for offering this wonderful ministry to the community!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

VBS day 4

"Thank you, GOD!"
Pastor Charles introduces the art project!
Alternative art project
Sand art project
Mighty fine food today!
Today's theme was based on the Golden Rule (Luke 6:27-28, Mark 12:30-31, & Acts 11:21).

Two art projects were on tap today. In the first one, Pastor Charles introduced the children to making art using alternative mediums. We used blueberries, Cheetos, cinnamon sticks, coffee grounds, and much more! Goodness, it was messy but oh so much fun! Lisa Nichols introduced the children to making art using colored sand. Some really pretty designs were created! 

The kitchen crew outdid themselves today with a yummy quiche for the morning snack and a pizza casserole for lunch!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's a summer potluck picnic!

Dean and Dave cook up a feast
A bounty to share!
Community done well!
Mitch (R) supervises the s'mores table
Everyone loves making s'mores!
Thanks to everyone who came out on a beautiful summer evening for the annual church potluck picnic! Fifty+ were on hand for burgers & brats (thanks to Dean Diers!) and s'mores (thanks to Belinda Alkula & Mitch Edgar). Thanks also to Dave & Julie McGarvey for leading the way in the clean-up effort!!!

VBS day 3

Making masks!
How we see God and how others see God in us
Creating Bitterroot flower art
Miss Liz has their attention!
Blessing a prayer shawl
What energy this morning!!! From the moment the first staff members arrived (thanks, kitchen crew) to the last child departed after lunch, Stevi UMC was a happening place!

The scripture lesson, led by Liz Goddard, focused on the story of Moses and the Exodus. Pastor Charles picked up on the theme by having the children create masks that showed how others can see God in us.

Lisa Nichols led the children in a review of the Historic St. Mary's Mission field trip and in the making of Bitterroot flower art pieces.

Belinda Alkula invited the children to share in the blessing of a prayer shawl for a member of Carol Word's extended family.    

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the life of the community

Getting the July Glad Tider ready to go
Reaching out to the community

In addition to a very busy VBS program, we were active in other areas of our congregation's life. 

Shirley McKelvey, in addition to being one of the VBS kitchen ladies, did double-duty by helping Claire Kelly, and Judy Fraser in getting the July Glad Tider ready for mailing!

In the evening, Lisa Menery, Dusty Schrock, Ava, joey Diers, and Belinda Alkula got together to make plans as part of the Outreach Committee.

The Outreach Committee will be working on Stevi UMC's Creamery Picnic float on Saturday, July 29 (9am-1pm). The parade will be on Saturday, August 5, more details to come.

We're also planning on going to the Missoula Osprey game against Billings on September 1, more details to come.

VBS day 2 - Tour at the Mission

Montana's state flower
Inside the Mission church
In Chief Victor's cabin
Lots to learn!
Lots to see!
Whether it was a first first visit to the Mission or not, there was plenty to learn from the guided tours we took today!

VBS day 2 - Field trip

On the way to the Mission
VBS 2017
Singing in the shade
Exploring the Salish way
Lunch in the shade
Day two involved a short hike to Historic St. Mary's Mission where we learned about the Salish people, the Black Robes, and much more! Eating lunch in the shade was a treat following the heat of yesterday!

VBS Day 2 - Gathering Time

Taking names!
Making lunches for the field trip
"Here I am to Worship"
Gathering time means food!
Miss Bell has their attention!
The second day of VBS was a delight with much cooler temps following last night's rain! We spent the first part of our time sharing snacks and singing along with learning about love in I Corinthians 13.

Picnic & sing-a-long tomorrow

Join us tomorrow for a church picnic potluck and old-fashioned sing-a-long!

5:30 pm @ the church!

Monday, June 26, 2017

VBS - Day 1 (art project)

Each day there will be an art project that will focus on the lesson for the day. This morning, the children took part in portraying the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).

Everyone took a position at one of the numbered sections of the sidewalk and depicted a portion of the story!

VBS - Day 1

A super day was ours on the first day of VBS 2017! With a full-compliment of volunteers and over twenty-five children on hand, there was terrific energy from beginning to end!

VBS - Volunteers this week

Here is the list of volunteers for this week:

Youth Counselors: Mitch Edgar, Keetra Folts, Shelby Gragg, Selwyn Hackett, Alexandra Morawic, Robby Morawic, Shelby Nichols, Ashlynn Ragstad, & Ivan Yazvac

Counselors: Belinda Alkula, Pastor Charles, Amber Dobb Maclay-Schulte, Judy Fisher, Liz Goddard, Linda Ives, Denise Meeks, Lisa Nicholls, Bev Schneider, Dusty Schrock, & Carol Word

Meals Preparation Wonder Women: Linda Kauffman, Shirley McKelvey, Lisa Menery, Alexandra Morawic, & Marcia Prather

Scripture lessons for July 2

Join us on next Sunday as we continue the summer sermon series! This week, Pastor Charles will be sharing "Casey at the Pulpit" from Stories That Sneak Up on You by John Duckworth.
The adult class will be studying the lectionary lessons for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (9:00 am).